Meet Randy

Randy Riley is the Owner and Operator of Daddy Lawn Legs, LLC. He studied Horticulture as well as Environmental Management. He has trained in Natural Pruning, Irrigation, and Turf Management. Through this experience and education Randy has become skilled in a variety of landscape services. This is why we offer Full Service Landscaping.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to create beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly landscapes to fit the lifestyle of our customers. We started our landscaping experience as Beautiful Creations Landscaping in Washington State in 2005 and moved our business to North Carolina in 2015. We love our work and our clients in both the West and the East!

Daddy Lawn Legs serves residential customers year-round. We have the ability to meet your weekly regular maintenance needs as well as extra jobs you might need along the way. Our team has education and experience in many types of landscaping services such as lawn care, tree and hedge pruning, small bed design and installation, and more.

Ready to Get Started?

Email us today at [email protected] or choose a button & leave the yard work to us!

Before/After Pruning

Before Pruning Project After Pruning Project

Before/After Landscaping

Before Landscaping 1 After Landscaping 1