Additional Landscaping Services

We specialize in Landscaping, Lawn Care and Tree Pruning. We offer these services below to our customers to provide full service landscaping. We do not specialize in the following services. If you are looking for a large or difficult job, we may refer your job to another company.

Edge Only

We offer an edge only plan for those who want to mow their own lawn but do not want to edge. We will edge your lawn weekly or every other week during the growing season. Edging starts at just $20.00 per edge, price may increase with size of lawn.


We have 10+ years with pruning experience. We prune trees under 25 feet, fruit trees, shrubs, hedges, and roses. We do not top trees but do natural tree pruning. We charge in 2 hour increments at $90.00 (+ disposal if needed). We offer quarter, and annual pruning packages.

Landscape Cleanups

This includes anything that your landscape needs to look beautiful again! Can include: mow, edge, blow, plant cut backs, small shrub pruning, weeding, garbage removal. Usually charge in 4 hour increments for $180.00; price depends on size and difficulty of job.


You pick the product; we will deliver and spread it for you. A great time for mulching is in February and March. This cuts back on early weeds, protects bulbs and perennials, and gives you better mulch coverage as most flowers, ornamental grasses and other plants are dormant at this time of year. Cost is $55.00 per yard of mulch + delivery fee (this includes installation). If I have to weed these beds prior to mulching than you can expect to pay for a clean up and a mulch.

Lawn Aerating

Aerating should be done at least 1 time per year. It is best done in the early summer for warm season grasses; or early fall for cool season grass. Cost is $45.00 from 0 – 3000 sq. ft. of lawn. Price increases from there. We can also add over seeding, fertilizing and a soil top dressing with aerating.

Small Bed Design & Installation (Winter Season Only)

We can help you with ideas to create a more beautiful landscape! We have the knowledge of plants, textures, colors, blooming seasons, plant growth and more to help you choose the best plants for your space. We focus on small jobs to improve the beauty and function of your landscape. Large scale jobs will be referred to a company that specializes in heavier landscape construction. $50 flat fee for bed design.

Outdoor Construction (Winter Season Only)

We can do small job outdoor construction like garden boxes, and other needs to improve the functionality of our customers properties. Larger jobs will be referred to someone who specializes in the work. Price depends on job.

Rock Work (Winter Season Only)

We do small rock work like dry creek beds and small walkways and other needs to improve the functionality of our customers properties.. Larger jobs will be referred to someone who specializes in the work. Price depends on job.


We can pick up your debris such as tree branches, rotted lumber, and plant cutbacks; and dump it for you! I will not pick up soil, grass clippings or sod. About $75 per truck loan; includes labor and disposal fee.

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